Western Australian Open Round 1

After the 1st round of the Western Australian Open I have shot a score of 73 (+1) to be T46th hitting 9 greens 27 putts.

It was a hard grind teeing off in the afternoon with the wind blowing a good 30km/h and some gust most likely clocking more. Some down wind shots from 70m are having 1st bounces of 8 to 10m on the greens.

I got off to a solid start tee to green teeing off on the 10th pretty much hitting 3 greens in a row except for 11 being 15cm off making pars with my best opportunity coming at a distance of 6m on 10. As I turned back into the wind on the par 3 13th I hit an 8 iron long of the green with no wind touch my flight not making up and down. Was really lucky to get out of there with a bogey from where I was. Not even being on the green for 2.

Par 5 14 another into the wind hole I hit Driver a touch left to be hindered by a tree and could not get my full swing in knocking my 2nd to a 133m 7iron range where I hit the green and 3 putted from 14m. Certainly hurt mentally there having 2 drop shots in a row. I managed to scrape through the next 2 holes with pars before another par 5 I bitterly made bogey on. Tee shot out of position but I got my 2nd shot to 70m out. The downwind pitch shot landed just shy of the green and spun off the front, down the false front not making up and down but bounced back with a birdie from a 40m chip and run 7iron holing a putt from off the green 8m away.

Out of play tee shot right on the 1st saw a 2nd shot low punch trying to hit the gap to make up valuable meters in the tough conditions. Could not thread the needle and hit a tree. From there I pitched a 56 degrees to 8m missing my par chance. Making up and down from over the back at 2 was a good feeling but again disappointment struck on a par 5 not making up and down for birdie from the front edge after having 5iron in. Good approaches on 4, 5 and 6 from 8, 3 and 3m also saw missed opportunities before holing a putt at 7 to a tight flag giving some reprieve to the round from 8m. Long range chance at 8 just off the green, I cleaned up for par before getting up and down at my last hole for birdie on a par 5 pitching the ball to a foot from 44m out.

Not a bad days work considering 4 under was the best score of the afternoon. Super pleased to have finished strong to keep me in the tournament. Morning tee time for the 2nd round is 7.50am and a chance to move forward with the easier conditions.



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