ally Ally Cooper
My amazing and supportive wife is a key partner in my leadership team. Aly motivates me to achieve the goals that we want for our family. She has put her own studies in psychology on hold to support our goal for me to become established on the US PGA Tour and competitive in Major Golf Championships.
rightside Gary Edwin and Peter Krawitz
The Rightsided Golf team has been developing my game since I first saw Gary as a thirteen year old in 2005. They have helped me gain a thorough understanding of my game, and the techniques they have instilled will stand the test of time and the rigours of elite competition. Many of their key foundation principles have been developed further in the technique area of my website.
john-cox Peter Cox
Peter through his Leadership Dynamics principles has been working with me to create momentum in my performance through my character and personal development. Peter has worked successfully with two National Rugby League (NRL) teams, the Manly Sea Eagles and the South Sydney Rabbitohs – who won the 2014 NRL Premiership. Peter was instrumental in the Australian Women’s Football (Soccer) soccer team, the Matlidas, which reached the World Cup Quarter Finals in 2015. Peter is a highly sought after leadership and development coach in both the sporting and commercial spheres.
phil-baird Phil Baird
Phil was my PGA Professional mentor at the Manly Golf Club during the three years of my traineeship and was responsible for helping me achieve my status as a full member of the PGA of Australia. His guidance and support continues to assist me greatly as I commence my career as a full time touring PGA professional. Phil has always believed in me both on and off the golf course. He is a very close confidant and his breadth of experience with the PGA of Australia has helped me gain an insight into the industry. As the Touring Professional for the Manly Golf Club, Phil will continue to manage this ongoing and valuable relationship.
andrew-iggo Andrew Iggo
Andrew has rebuilt my body so that it remains strong, efficient and resilient to ensure my success. His work over the past few years has already helped me to achieve my early goals. Andrew’s professional understanding of health and well-being maximises my performance as a profession athlete. Fairlight Chiropractic provides a holistic approach to ensuring my body is ready to respond to every challenge it faces on and off the course.
james-cockerill James Cockerill
James is an outgoing 21 year old who plays golf at Manly Golf Club (where we met 3 years ago.) He is a scratch handicap golfer and enjoys caddying. He is in the process of finishing his Marketing and Media degree. Like most Aussie guys when he is not on the golf course, you can generally find him in the surf or at the gym.



Taylor has willingly attached his brand to these great businesses and looks forward to a long and successful relationship with each company. In addition to the brand association his sponsors enjoy client entertainment activities and regular games of golf when he is in Australia or should you visit him overseas.


Taylor has a number of people that have underwritten his return to the full time playing ranks in a process of syndication. This investment opportunity has a great upside but potential for the selecting of the “wrong horse” but we are very confident that our team can deliver for you.


Many dreams in the 21st Century have sourced “crowd funding”. Should you want to make a small one off donation to give Taylor a kick start to his career any support no mater how large or small would be amazing. If you would like to help get the “ship from the shore” please complete your details below and we will be sure to contact you soon.

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