China Not To Be

I have heard word from the China Tour that I won’t be able to get a start in the Co-Sanctioned events on the China Tour with the Challenge Tour in the coming weeks. They will only be accepting the leading 18 international players off this years order of merit from the standings after the 27th of September. Unfortunately I have only played a handful of events and won’t be taking part on the China Tour for the rest of the year. I am stunned it is not going off top 30 OOM last year.

It is sad to say but with missing that tee time for my 3rd event in China it may have cost me a start in the top 18 internationals out of 60 getting a start with 42 Chinese getting included to fill the rest. I have not had the support and cash flow this year as what I had last year either. Making it all the more difficult to give the China Tour another real go for my 2nd time in 2017 putting me behind the eight ball to gain access into these major events.

I will be turing my focus now to the Aussie Tour and turning my dreams back to the US Tour. Once cash flow arrives again/raise funds through playing, sponsorship or coaching I will give the US Tour school a go and try and Pre-Qualify for the Could even get over there earlier to give Thursdays and Mondays on the main tour a try again seeking to bypass some stages. Hopefully as early as next year.

Thanks China you certainly have been a true experience over the last year and a half. Many lessons learnt and memories to keep.




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