3rd Round Horizons New Zealand PGA Championships

After the 3rd round of the Horizons New Zealand PGA Championships I have shot a score of 68 (-3) to be 9 under and T16th. 13 greens 29 putts. The weather today was absolutely perfect. Hardly a breath of wind again just like the 2nd round.

Starting on the 1st I hit 7 greens in a row making 2 birdies on 5 and 6. 2 putts on a par 5 and 1m convert on 6. Bit disappointing not to make more earlier through the easy start especially from 3m on 2.

Big sand save kept momentum going on 8. I then hit the next 5 greens in a row as my ball striking lifted to a new level. Birdies on 9, 10 and 11 to hit out right 3rd at the time. 2.5m, 8m downhill right to left slider and 1.5m respectively.

On 12 and 13 I had 60 degrees in hand and could have capitalized more but my bad distance control left myself long putts, both in the 8m range.

At the par 5 14th I could not make a clear decision of what shot shape to hit from the tee and smothered it left into the trees. I was able to recover well with a 9iron over the trees and back in play. I then double crossed a 6iron left and long where the ball stopped on a great lie. My chip was half bellied and had one bounce and smashed into the flag going to 2.5m under the hole where I missed the putt. Glad the pin got in the way but disappointed not to convert the lucky break.

Another error off the tee. A shot I tried to slide off the left trees and double crossed it further left. Had no swing so chipped out to 100m and made a good bogey. Bounced back with a 5m birdie putt from just off the back edge on 16 the par 3.

From the fairway on 17 113m I missed the green right into the bunker. Short sighting myself but made a great sand save holing a 2m putt. At the 320m 18th hole my drive ended up 40m from the flag and chipped a 9iron on the front edge for a 7m birdie putt chance. I striked the putt exactly how I wanted and lipped out on the right edge finishing 1m away. Missed that to have my 1st 3 putt of the tournament. Not the best feeling to have walking away from a round that was so close to something special.

3 under and gone backwards on the leaderboard. Weeks like this are tough when you need 6’s and 7 unders to make up ground. Certainly had the chance today. Wind will be up tomorrow so anything could happen on the last day. Looking for a good finish.



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