What Does Social Media Do For Sports Players

First of all I would like to thank everyone for their support so far to date. Especially the long time fans and encouragement I receive from people on other social media platforms but many people are unaware what the purpose of Youtube or other platforms does for someone like myself. Or what it could do for a sportsman and women in their career.

As you may know Golf is not a team sport and I spend plenty of time away from home over long periods. There is always the need to push for jobs I can do while away from home to off set costs playing in Australia.When I am home I teach at Manly Golf Club and do some hours in the Pro Shop to support the team there.

When I think about sports these days we are there to entertain. If we don’t entertain ratings drop on platforms and there would be no sport in the 1st place. I belive with the way media has been in recent times, more and more sportsmen and women have gone back into their shell which has moved fans further and further away from them. I can see in the future or now many smaller professionals taking up their own media to portray themselfs about who they really are.

Again if I think about many other teams in the sports realm they have their own media. It might be a big media company like a TV Station or getting a snippet in a newspaper often. For me being self-employed and having small funds with travelling taking up the majority of the costs, I have had to think about other avenues to earn an extra dollar when away at events and back home.

For me I find youtube a great platform to help the little guy in sport. I am very passionate about helping others and golf and even more passionate about my swing. I am wanting to share who I really am.

When a YouTuber hits 10,000 views on their channel they are eligible to start being paid from YouTube. Currently I am close to hitting this mark and once I do I start getting paid per ad watched on my channel. Every view and like counts of a Vlog. The interaction is also highly viewed as potentail payment to the Vlogger as companies look at this data to find out what reach an entity has. Seeking if they should get involved with me.

If you want to help my future and give me every prospect of raising money, watch my content and take the time to let the ads roll through and maybe here and there clicking an ad to their site as long as you have time in your day. This all ads up and could book me that flight to the next event. Don’t just have to do this for me but you may follow other sports and sports players. Best to do the same thing to show support.

The content gathering is the easy part but I also spend much of my time at night editing the content to upload trying to make the content funny and enjoyable for you to watch. I am looking forward to the future as I keep working hard and staying on the path of my dreams.

Vlog 8 is now out on my channel and in the technique section of my website. Be sure to check it out. Taylorcoopergolf Channel.


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