Round 1 Wuhan Open – PGA Tour China


Round Of the Wuhan Open, PGA Tour China Tour I have shot a score of 77 (+5). We all knew that today was going to be a grind with the weather forecast and the forcast was absolutely correct.

We played 3 holes with no rain early on. From there it rained heavier and heavier as the day went on until a delay was called on our last hole. I am so close and it just frustrates me. My mind is really not sure how much I can take anymore but I know I am stronger than that. I have the power and game to make it. The strongest part of my game failed me today (2nd shot play) when it was needed for the conditions to start strong (technique). I tried to keep myself in the event as much as I could, giving it the best grind I could but even luck was not in my favor today.

A double on the 9th from the middle of the fairway OOB right with a 4 iron after making bogey on the previous hole killed the momentum I had going into the middle of my round as I knew a score around even par would be an awesome start to the event, even 2 over would have been satisfying in those conditions. After somewhat stabilizing myself up until the 14th with birdie at 10 and bogey at 12, from the fairway with 6 iron in hand, I plugged a ball in the bunker under the grass lip having to play the ball sideways. The ball ended up in the same bunker and I could not believe it, the ball plugged again, 2 in a row! 😩 Splashed it out onto the green in the worst of the weather and unfortunately 3 putted for a triple. Just making the problem bigger. 😰

These minor errors along with bad luck are plays that are affecting my good work I produce on the course but the only way I can put these behind me is to keep showing up. The more opportunities the more chances I have of starting decent in a four round event and this is the area that I need to improve if I am to win in China or any four round event for that matter looking back on the last 12 months. I always finish the events better than my 1st round position. Why is this? I believe in myself. I know I have the game. The question is when will this change? Now that is something I need to workout for myself. The only thing that is holding me back is me…….. 10 more 1st round starts to go on the PGA Tour China Tour. I can do it. Now time to grind back this week. ⛳️👍🏼


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