2018 Australian Tour School Late Withdrawal

With due consideration I have decided to withdraw from the Final Stage of the Australian Tour School. There is a few reasons for the withdrawal.

1. Coming out in the last few days, I already have a category on the Australian Tour which is number 17. This is a high category number which I gained due to finishing inside the top 20 on the 2017 Ladbrokes Pro-Am Series. This category will most likely get every tier 2 event in 2018 I enter.

2. Due to my schedule of visiting American for a month over January and February next year I will miss 3 events on the Australian Tour being the Victorian Open, Perth Match Play event and Queensland PGA of which 2 of those I would have had to of won the Q School to gain a start. I will be attempting to Pre Qualify for the Farmers Insurance Open.

3. Minimal funds. Right now I am not in the best position financially to warrant taking this chance at bettering a category I already have. This refund will help go towards funding events at the start of 2018 and give me more chances to have a win and gain better benefits through actual Tour events.

I have done what I have set out to achieve in 2017 setting myself up for 2018 and continue the dream showing I have what it takes to be a credible player. I have a job for next year! From having a card on the China Tour this year and having no funding to play China to then turning to Australia to play the Australian Tour with no category. I am proud of my efforts to wriggle myself into a category with what I had and now done in the last half of 2017.

There is many of thanks to be given in 2017!

Massive thanks goes to my sponsors. BODIEZ Protein Water, Srixon, Tillengron Hyundai John Hughes and Essendon. If you can in someway support them they can continue to support me.

Big thanks to my Coach Peter Krawitz and the Gary Edwin Team. They are such legends and would not be where I am today with out them. Make sure to say hello to them at the Glades Driving Range on the Gold Coast if your in town or better yet book a lesson.

Manly Golf Club for the continued support even after my traineeship. This includes all the members and staff who have been following my progress this year and in the past. Staff at Manly changing their shop hours when possible enabling me to play events. Also the casual hours I get given by the Director of Golf Philip Baird who has been in my corner for a lot longer than many would know.

Students that I teach. Cheers for giving me a go over the year/years and being patient around my schedule. I hope I have passed on creditable knowledge for you to use in your game that you have been able to work on and use to see change and improvement in your game.

The billets that look after me where ever I go helping to keep my costs to a minimum. Certainly becomes hard to play certain events on the schedule without you around the world.

All my fans that give me a like and comment on my social media platforms. You don’t understand how much it really helps to see such love and interest for what I do in such a tough competitive environment. When things are not going my way to see a love heart pop up, haha face or a positive comment it gives me confidence to go to bed sleeping the day off and wake up refreshed to keep grinding in each moment that I am faced with.

My family who have been behind me from the start Mum and Dad. My uncle and family including Poppy and Nanny. But the big credit has to go to my wife Alexis this year for giving me the opportunity to go away. She has shown strength like no other and is very supportive of my career in such a selfish game.

To anyone I may have missed please let me know and I will add you into my appreciation for the purpose of not only acknowledging you but to reminisce in the future. I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from the Taylorcoopergolf Team including myself and a Happy New Year! What a way to end 2017! May good things come in 2018!!!

I will be back home as of tonight if anyone would like to book lessons. I am home now till the 7th of January.




Taylor has willingly attached his brand to these great businesses and looks forward to a long and successful relationship with each company. In addition to the brand association his sponsors enjoy client entertainment activities and regular games of golf when he is in Australia or should you visit him overseas.


Taylor has a number of people that have underwritten his return to the full time playing ranks in a process of syndication. This investment opportunity has a great upside but potential for the selecting of the “wrong horse” but we are very confident that our team can deliver for you.


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