Lake Macquarie Belmont Round 2

After the 2nd round of the Lake Macquarie Pro-Am I have shot a score of 72 (Ev) with a total of 2 under to place T7th hitting 12 greens 30 putts.

It was a beautiful afternoon for golf and the wind was at a manageable speed 15 – 20km/h. Good scoring was certainly out there.

Teeing off on the 3rd hole at Belmont I was faced with a tricky 1st swing with a par 3 189m and hit the green to start with a par sitting the ball on the lip for birdie. An easy par 5 was next splitting the fairway as I did all day bar 1. 4iron greenside trap with room to utilize missing a 4m putt. What kicked off the day was a putt that was drained for birdie at 5 holing a 12m downhill left to right slider. Solid par golf came at 6, 7 and 8 with opportunities presenting themselves on 7 and 8 but nonetheless not to be.

9 the par 5 I split the fairway again and had 6iron in hitting it to 3m for an eagle chance. Picking a bad line it was well missed right but walked away with the bird. Another par 5 on 10 hitting 2iron over the back from 212m uphill into the wind I chipped it to 1m missing the putt for birdie before having 59m into 11 missing the green short by 2m with a 9m flag. Really just wasted golf through this section as opportunities could not have come any easier.

I had some work to do turning into the open section of the course as I was about to battle the elements more. Slotting a great drive between the traps and bush on 12 was a great feeling but a poor 6 iron left me with plenty of room off the green making an unbelievably good par from 25m putting it to an easy clean up range. Greens were hit a 13 and 14 to complete the solid stretch on the back nine and capitalise with hitting the par 5 15th in 2 making a 2 putt birdie hitting one of the cleanest compressed 2 irons to get there in my life, 229m into the wind.

I was in the box seat with downwind holes to come making par at 16 and 17 with a good attempt at 17 coming close for the bird but a unfortunate hole on 18 undid all the hard work for the day. The tee shot leaked a little further right than I had liked and I was blocked out by a tree. After chatting to my caddy Mick we both thought I could not make it over with my 52 wedge so I pulled out 56 full knowing it would come up short with 118m left but have the height. Shank! Into the tree and spat it out onto 10. I laughed as I walked over to the ball. All is well 70m in now. My 60 flew 80m out of a good lie downwind and just rolled off the back left of the pimple green not making up and down form 3.5m walking away with a double bogey. Another bogey surfaced at my last hole at the 2nd to really cost me a good days work.

As I think back on the mistake we did everything we think we could have to commit to the process and so it tells me I am maturing as a player by not getting to upset about the double result. These things can happen and it it how you deal with them that counts moving forward. Just a good nights sleep is needed.

Super pleased with my efforts once more. Getting in contention earlier in this 2 round event and I was right up there with 3 to go at 5 under for the tournament with 7 under winning. Another top ten finish without playing my best golf. Plenty of good things to take away.

Thanks again to Mick for the chat on the course today as my caddy, the 6 ladies I played with throughout the event and the Belmont Golf Club for putting on a Lake Macquarie Am like event. Just all in all a heart felt event.

Next event is tomorrow teeing off at 12noon in the Wyong Pro Am.





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