Isuzu Queensland Open Round 3

After the 3rd round of the Isusu Queensland Open I have shot a score of 78 (+7) to be 11 over total and coming 62nd. The day was perfect for a move up the leaderboard. Very hit and not wind to speak of till the last 6 holes.

Starting on the 10th I missed the green and did not get up and down for par. Although really a 3 putt but the problem for the day occurred at the par 5 12th. I hit my drive right staying on top of the hill. Bad place to be off the tee. As I got down there I had a clear shot up and over the trees to a perfect lay up area. Although what caught my attention was this sign which said venomous snakes sighted. It distracted me from where my ball really was. Next think I knew I saw a piece of bark covering my ball and I straight away removed it not thinking where I was. My playing partner said “did you just move that bark?” Yes I said. “Well your in the hazard!” I could not believe it. I was! 2 stroke penalty. Made birdie adding 2 shots walked away with a bogey. No Water insight for 60m. Just plan did not register.

I fought hard to get those shots back and I did on holes 15 and 16 making great birdies to get back to square for the day but it was my wedge play that let me down on the easy holes through the middle of my round. 2 fat wedge shots that left me in trouble on holes 17 and the 1st. 17 was buried deep in the green side bunker. From there I crumbled for the rest of the day limping home.

9 greens 31 putts. Mentally the 12th hurt in the back of my mind all day when I needed a great start to the round and in times I needed to sink a putt nothing happened. Just a plan weird tough day at the office. Another round to go. Lucky last teeing off at 10.20am. Goal is to shoot a red number.




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