At the Pre Qualifying event for the Australian Masters I have shot a score of 71 (-1) to be T4th.

At the Pre Qualifying event for the Australian Masters I have shot a score of 71 (-1) to be T4th.

Top 3 out of this afternoons draw got a start in the Masters which means I had a playoff for the 2nd and 4th alternate spot. Winning the playoff I got given the next best option apart from receiving that straight up start.

I now have to wait for someone to pull out of the event after Tuesday 5pm to start gaining spots and a possible start. I could even be waiting on the tee boxes all day Thursday for my chance at a game.

Tonight I was also able to catch up and celebrate a little with my boss Philip Baird and his Manly Members who are currently touring the Mornington Peninsula for the next 3 days. Thanks for looking after me and I hope you all have a fantastic time away.

Will be at Huntingdale tomorrow where I hope to have a practice round with Peter Senior as long as an alternate can have a look at the course. ‪#‎aussiemasters2015‬



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