4th Round Cadillac – PGA Tour China


After the 4th round of the Cadillac Championship, PGA Tour China I have shot a score of 72 (Ev) to finish on 11 under par placing T38th. Disappointingly not achieving my goal of 16 under or better total.

It was set to be a scorcher on course. You could refer that to the weather and scores (getting to 33 degrees and 90% humidity). To hold my position from the end of the 3rd round to the 4th a score of 4 under was needed. In fact to move forward for the day 6 under par was the mark (Which was my goal). So you can see there was some low scoring happening over the final 2 days.

The start of my 4th round I got off to a rocky start being 2 over through 4 holes which actually felt like 3 over not birding the par 5 2nd. These errors came from the putter missing short putts from 6ft.

I tired to stay patient but I knew the field was running over the top of me and I was quickly losing places in the field. Short par 4 7th hole arrived and I took out the driver hitting the ball into the green side bunker. This was my chance to pull back a shot and start heading in the right direction but a poor effort saw the ball go through the green and making my score worse. I was not able to get up and down missing a 6 foot putt. Again the putter was not helping the cause. A solid save for par at 9th from 9ft helped to close out the front nine in 3 over. This would have had to of been my worst 9 holes of my career. Really felt like I had 5 or 6 over when everyone was finding it easy.

On the back nine it was a different story as the putter found the hole in most cases. A bogey at the 10th leaving my ball in the the bunker from the same bunker crushed all hope as I stared potentially 5 over in the face before I saved my bogey getting up and down from the 2nd bunker shot to go to 4 over. 😩

Birdie at 11 and eagle at 12 could not have turned up at a better time making 2 good 12ft putts. Up and down at the 14, 15 and 16 helped the spirits some more before driving the short par 4 17th having a 30ft putt for eagle making birdie to get back to level for the day as I pared the last.

It was great to come back but the damage was done earlier in the round. Happy to get into double figures for the event and I am now focused on my 3rd week of this trip in China the Lanhai Open looking for a high finish.



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