21 Hours. The View!


It has taken us 21 hours to get to the China Tour School destination. At last we now can get down to business of seeing the course and preparing our game plan for the week.

When traveling there were some moments where we did not think we were going to make it to the accommodation.

Walking out of customs at the last leg of the trip we were bombarded by taxi drivers trying to get our fare. It was hard to trust who to go with and who will actually get us to our accommodation.

Sitting in the back seat and watching the taxi driver slowly enter other lanes on a 6 lane highway was scary. Also over taking trucks going into head on traffic, on an incline and at a normal speed which pulsated the heart. All I could do was put my right foot to the floor.

After getting lost serval times and finding a nuclear power plant we finally arrived at 3am. 6am Sydney time and it might as well have been snowing.

After a priceless sleep in the warm air we opened the curtains to find a magnificent view that you will see in the picture.



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